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Weight: 26 kg, Length: 490 cm, Width: 72 cm, Payload: 300 kg or volume of 400 liters, Deck colour: blue, blond wood frame, grey TPU hull, Sails are optional, Single seater

Aerius 490 Classic

SKU: 364215376135191
R94 120,00Price

The Aerius 490 Classic is an ideal touring kayak for day and weekend trips. The kayak is suitable for sailing and touring dams, rivers as well as the ocean.

Thanks to its two air sponsons, Aerius 490 Classic is very stable against tipping and immediately gives, even novice paddlers, a feeling of security.  At a total length of 490 cm the straight running as well as the tilting stability of the kayak are tremendously improved. The TPU-skin of the kayak gives extreme durability and suitability for almost all terrains. The highly varnished wooded frame makes the kayak not only very light but also extremely portable.

Our kayaks already come prepackaged in their “Packing Bags”. There are three separate water-resistant bags where the individual parts: the skin, ribs and gunwales are sorted in. The straightforward assembly takes around 20 minutes, for which we include an assembly guide with your purchase. There is also a very helpful YouTube Video on the main Klepper website.

We have a wide variety of accessories for our kayaks ranging from amazing sails, paddles, and rudder systems to fishing sets, spray covers, repair kits and more.

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