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IWeight: 34 kg, Length: 545 cm, Width: 87 cm, Payload: 380 kg or volume of 600 liters, Deck colours: red or blue, blond wood frame, grey TPU hull, Sails are optional, Double seater

Aerius 545 Classic

SKU: 217537123517253
R104 510,00Price

The Aerius 545 Classic is an ideal touring kayak for day and weekend trips on dams, rivers, and the open ocean.

The grey TPU-bottom material with a reinforced keel strip is robust enough for ground contact. The TPU-material makes the kayak extremely durable for almost every terrain. The two air sponsons profoundly increase the tilt-resistance and straight-line stability. This and the adjustable seats of the 545 Classic gives, even notices paddlers, not only a feeling of security but also comfort on the water. The highly varnished wooden frame make the kayak extremely light and portable.

Our kayaks already come prepackaged in their “Packing Bags”. There are three separate water-resistant bags where the individual parts: the skin, ribs and gunwales are sorted in. The straightforward assembly takes around 20 minutes, for which we include an assembly guide with your purchase. There is also a very helpful YouTube Video on the main Klepper website.

We have a wide variety of accessories for our kayaks ranging from amazing sails, paddles, and rudder systems to fishing sets, spray covers, repair kits and more.

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