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Weight 31 kg, length 545 cm, width 87 cm, payload 450 kg or volume of 580 liters, Deck colour: black, blond wood frame, black TPU hull, Loading hatch back, Sails are optional, Double seater

Aerius 545 Quattro

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R122 625,00Price

The Aerius 545 Quattro is the ultimate two-seating travel and expedition kayak, for lakes, rivers, and the open ocean.

Speed, durability, and enormously straight running stability give the 545 Quattro incredible sailing characteristics. Four air sponsons offer increased buoyancy for greater payloads as well as paddling safety in rough conditions. The added sponsons allow for more luggage on longer trips as well as comfortable cruising for paddlers of all sizes, weight classes and ages. The black TPU hull material with a reinforced keel strip is robust enough for ground contact in many rugged terrains. Aerius 545 Quattro features a standard loading hatch behind the cockpit, is equipped with paddle pockets on the deck. The light and highly varnished wooden frame allows paddlers to travel around the country in order to take in the most breath-taking sceneries.

We recommend this kayak to be used on long journeys for hiking, white-water, sailing and touring adventures.

Our kayaks already come prepackaged in their “Packing Bags”. There are three separate water-resistant bags where the individual parts: the skin, ribs and gunwales are sorted in. The straightforward assembly takes around 20 minutes, for which we include an assembly guide with your purchase. There is also a very helpful YouTube Video on the main Klepper website.

We have a wide variety of accessories for our kayaks ranging from amazing sails, paddles, and rudder systems to fishing sets, spray covers, repair kits and more.

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