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Weight: 3 kg, Colour: Black (the rudder + ropes) and light wood, Material: Light metal, Chain, Rope and Wood, Rudders for 490 and 545

Rudder On Rail - Accessory

R6 515,00Price

The Klepper Rudder systems are rigged and fitted with ease on our kayaks. The peddal board is screwed on to the rail on the keel board (therefore it is adjustable for every paddlers height). The linked ropes and chains are pulled by pressing down on the paddles. These chains and ropes are then also attached to the rudder which sits at the back of the kayak. The rudder then turns causing the kayak to change in the desired course of the paddler with hardly any trouble at all.

What makes our rudders stand out, is that they have 8 cm extra length causing them to dive deeper and turn more efficently than standard rudders. The Rudder On The Rail is therefore perfect for every kind of journey as it adds incredible comfort not only when turning but also when paddling!

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