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Introducing the worlds oldest foldable kayaks hand-made by the highly skilled craftsmen and -women of Klepper! Our company has branched out to South Africa making our light, foldable, completely portable kayaks available for paddlers of all skill levels! Our kayaks fulfill every paddlers desires from weekend leisure fishing adventures to long demanding sailing tours! ​Our "Boat out of a Bag" principle allows you to take our kayaks absolutely anywhere when you're travelling on absolutely anything!​

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Cold Mountians


Klepper is the oldest folding kayak manufacturer in the world. We started in 1907 (7 years before World War One) by engineering our “Boat out of a Bag”-dream into a reality. Over the last 100 years our kayaks have been tested and developed to perfection, used in numerous races, and implemented in hundreds of tours around the world.

Klepper has been utilized in South Africa for many years now. The SA military as well as hundreds of kayak enthusiasts enjoy the extraordinary practicality and quality of our kayaks.

Take a look at our website, we would love to attend to any questions or suggestions!

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235 5th Rd, Witpoort Estates, Brakpan, 1540, South Africa

Tim Niederheitmann:

081 422 9489

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